Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Half a loaf

Last night city councilor Sheilagh O'Leary went to bat for us and presented our request for a moratorium on major city construction and all demolition orders here until August 31st.  O'Leary is councillor-at-large,  not our official ward councillor.  Councillors met and decided there will be a moratorium until June 15th. (or July, depending on how you read David Blackmore's grammar in the official text, above)  So please everyone affected  take note of this Except the Critch fishing property(s) which were under immediate demolition order will now be suspended for 2-weeks only.  Since the councillors considered all this in their private pre-council public meeting we don't really know all the reasons for this, but understand it is the result of a hard-line position by the Building Dept regarding liability and safety.  The OBNA board disagrees with this exception of a 2-week suspension for Critch's, and we're trying to find a solution before deadine the March 31st.

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