Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Parking lot - latest

City confirms that the tender bids did in fact come in lower than expected, but Council has decided to put the leftover $$ towards road paving in the Goulds instead of landscaping our parking lot expansion.  OBNA board met earlier this summer with city works engineer John Barry, and with councillors Galgay, Duff, Hickman and O'Leary to press for some parking lot design that (if it is going to be expanded by 18 feet  for vehicles) will address the 84,000 pedestrian visitors we get.  Some residents and provincial government officials wrote the city on the parking lot issue.  The decision by staff and councillors clarifies municipal policy towards Outer Battery.
We still have not received any reply from our ward councillor or other councillors regarding our several requests for a public information session.  At this point it is apparent that they don't intend to have one.  Construction on the parking lot expansion began today.

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