Sunday, 19 February 2012

Neighbourhood discussion session Thursday 6.30

Charlie Pearcey has offered the use of his twinestore for any of us interested in getting together on Thursday night for a discussion session.  The City has said that they will consider neighbourhood suggestions for improving the aesthetics of the new parking lot, so if you have any design ideas please come and share them, and maybe we can come up with a consensus.  The City is suggesting a TRACT Consulting proposal to clad the concrete with wood, viewable here and here.   Also if you're interested in getting involved with the proposed Narrows Group, want information or have concerns about it, this is a good forum to discuss that too.
This isn't a special association meeting, it's just a neighbourhood discussion session for anyone interested.  The City won't be there.  Here's a suggested agenda, thanks to Joanne. Thursday, Feb 23rd at 6.30 in Pearcey's Twinestore

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