Thursday, 8 March 2012

Parking Lot - remediation

Here is the sketch that came out of our February 23rd discussion session.  Thanks v much to Wes.  It combines some of the ideas from the three design concepts provided by professionals (Tract Consulting, Jokinen Associates, and the province's Director of Heritage).  You can see all these on the DOCUMENTS tab.
The objective is to remediate what the city has constructed to make the concrete wall fit in better with the general heritage look of Outer Battery as seen from the water.  To break up the 2-dimensional flatness, face it with wood, partially hide the waste water pipe,  give the whole thing a more traditional appearance.  None of this affects the existing parking area as seen from the land side much.
The OBNA board hopes to sit down with City staff soon to discuss these ideas.  If you missed the Feb 23rd session and want to have some input - great. Contact Ange, Joanne, Keith or Chris if you like. (Judy is currently out of the country) And/or leave a comment below here.

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