Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Parking lot cosmetics

The SW corner of the parking lot now looks like this. The city had originally planned this space to be a paved No Parking area: empty asphalt with yellow stripes on it.  They wanted no cars going over their sewer access grates.  Since they would not allow parking in this space,  OBNA requested that it be made a small park/rest area.  The City agreed and this platform seems to be the result.  It looks like they still have some finishing work to do.
The expanded parking lot was built last year without permission over land belonging to the Riche and Wells families.  OBNA pointed this out to the City, and the upshot was that in June both families' land was belatedly expropriated. City notified the Wells but neglected to inform the Riche's, instead leaving an expropriation notice taped to the parking lot fence.  OBNA passed the notice on to retired judge David Riche, and we read in The Scope that this week the City compensated the Riche family for their land.  It appears that no such compensation arrangement has been made with the Wells.  Why not?

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