Friday, 14 December 2012

Province to sludge plant: Not So Fast!

MHA Lorraine Michael presented a petition in the House of Assembly on Monday.  Today her office is reporting the following. It looks like Encanex will be required to provide information about chemical, noise, and other environmental impacts on the Battery, and to hold public meetings. Stay tuned.


Encanex Wastewater Treatment Operation                              (Reg. 1679)
Proponent: Encanex Environmental Oil & Gas Corp.

The minister has advised the proponent that an Environmental Preview Report (EPR) is required for this project. The EPR is necessary to address, but is not limited to, information on: types of wastewater fluids, treatment processes and monitoring, storage and discharge details and potential impacts on the surrounding infrastructure and environment.  An Environmental Assessment Committee will be appointed to provide scientific and technical advice to the minister and guidance regarding the information requirements to the proponent. The information to be provided will reflect requirements under the Environmental Protection Act and other pertinent legislation. The proponent will be required to hold public meetings during the EPR process. For further information on this project, please contact the Environmental Assessment Committee Chairperson, Eric Watton, at (709) 729-2822 or email at

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