Wednesday, 20 July 2011

City to double size of parking lot

On Monday, the City Works committee voted to lift the moratorium on major city construction early, and to call tenders to double the size of the parking lot.  OBNA was not informed until after the fact.  Ward councillor Frank Galgay said he pushed this forward at the request of an email he received on Sunday from one resident.   He received an earlier letter in May from another resident opposing the expansion.  This is obviously a contentious issue.   Councillors will vote on the Works committee's recommendation  at the main city council meeting next Monday July 25th, after which it will be final.  Anyone wanting to express their views pro or con to City Council in writing before Monday should probably copy all councillors, in addition to our ward councillor.  Councillor's email addresses can be found here.
There's a report in today's Telegram
In March, OBNA asked the City for a copy of the engineering plans and copy of the environmental impact assessment.  We were told no engineering plans have been completed and that the city will not be carrying out any environmental assessment. City Engineer John Barry forwarded this aerial view:  That's all the information we have.  It appears to eliminate the Wells wharf, and the current west side streetlight.  Compared with the current lot size:
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  1. The Outer Battery already has traffic problems of concern to the residents. A good question is how to reduce traffic when the parking space at the end of the road is increased. Increased parking capacity could easily be used for parking by hikers walking the trail up to Signal Hill. How does the city plan to enforce that traffic in the neighbourhood is limited to local residents, emergency and city vehicles? That issue needs to be addressed.

    Having said that, there are positive spin offs from the city’s initiative that could and should be explored. This is an opportunity to improve the area. As a city showcase and a landmark symbol of St. John’s in the eyes of visitors, the Outer Battery deserves attention. The area would benefit from some beautification initiatives. During the summer season some 84,000 people of all nations walks though the Outer Battery and up the trail to the historical site of Signal Hill.

    • Flowers, like the city places in other areas, would be welcome.
    • Public garbage cans would also be an improvement.
    • Instead of increasing the parking lot by 18 feet, a more modest increase in combination with a small park similar to what can be found in Fredrick’s Cove on the south side of the Narrows would be nice. A couple of benches, some old cannons and nautical artifacts like old anchors would fit right into the historical character of the place.
    • Instead of a concrete wall facing the habour, a rock wall would be a much better reflection of Heritage values and look nice to cruise ships, tour boats and other seafaring visitors.

    Maybe the whole issue should be subject to an architectural renovation and beautification competition?

    Tor Naess