Sunday 27 February 2011


According to Parks Canada we already get 84,000 foot visitors between May-December. Now it looks like National Geographic may be planning to bring us even more.  Who knew?  Go to World's top coastal destinations and then click on the "Photo Gallery - World's top coastal destinations" and guess what image comes up?

On CBC Thursday

The Mayor of Carbonear says he will lobby both levels of government for additional storm damage funding. Sam Slade says storms are becoming increasingly frequent. Slade reports it wasn't just Hurricane Igor that caused damage, calling that storm a "flash in the pan." He notes a storm prior to Christmas lasted five to six days. Slade says there was no funding announced to address damage caused by that system.
Hear the interview here:  CBC

Friday 25 February 2011


Some of this is old news that we talked about at the last community meeting in January, but in case you missed it:
1: Before Christmas, OBNA board arranged a meeting with Eric Jokinen, heritage engineer (Jokinen Associates) and the provincial Tourism Dept -- they planned for Eric to make an inventory of Outer Battery heritage fishing structures.  Eric expects to complete this by May/June.  This will give OBNA a database of structures that are important from a heritage point-of-view.
2: Eric has offered to carry out a pilot project for OBNA.  He'll do a heritage engineering study of Andrew Mahon's stage (the one farthest out)) to see what would be involved with restoring it, bringing it up to city-acceptable standards while keeping its heritage qualities. As I understand it, the study will lay out some options for what Andrew could do with the stage - or not - if he wants.
2: OBNA board has submitted applications for summer student funding - student(s) to compile information on our heritage structures, record oral histories, etc.  We won't know whether or not the applications are successful for another couple of months.  We're working on another couple of similar applications for summer.  With luck, at least one may be successful.
3: I've started this blog, with the hope it may be useful as a kind of community noticeboard. Contributions welcome.
- Chris