Tuesday 23 August 2011

Stakeholders' roundtable

It was a fairly positive meeting, and there was a feeling that progress is being made, albeit slow progress.  City engineering & building dept. staff, and Parks Canada, did not attend.
1: Eric Jokinen (Jokinen Associates) presented a powerpoint of his study of Outer Battery fishing structures.  He'll make the final report available in another 2 weeks and we'll put it up on this site.  Basically, it explored the flexibility permitted under national bldg code for heritage structures, noted important details of our stages & sheds, and drew some larger conclusions.  It will be helpful for anyone restoring stages & sheds.
2: Parking lot expansion information.  City staff were not in attendance to present any details of the $400,000 expansion plan.  OBNA tabled the engineering drawings which the city is distributing to tender bidders.  OBNA strongly requested the 3 city councillors present to insist on landscaping provisions which are not currently being planned by the city (the current plan is for a bunker-like concrete structure).  Deputy Mayor Duff and councillor O'Leary said they would endeavour to do so, and provincial officials later suggested an interesting heritage and visitor-appropriate design.
3: Future storm surge likelihood, rising sea levels study . Federal MP's office advised that a Chain Rock breakwater could present problems for altered water flow through the Narrows.  We asked if it is possible to do a study on possible solutions.
 : provincial representatives were very helpful
7: Proposal for Outer Battery Plan (province).  Provincial reps presented a draft plan for a planning process that would find common ground with neighbourhood, city, and other interests.  Ryan Cleary MP suggested such a plan be expanded to include the Narrows, i.e. embrace Ft. Amherst.  This was positively received around the table, and provincial reps will adapt their suggested plan accordingly.
We await feedback from the city on the parking lot, and from the province on the Narrows plan proposal.  
If you'd like more detailed report, contact any of the OBNA board members.

Tuesday 16 August 2011

Outer Battery 'stakeholders' roundtable

OBNA board is convening another meeting of 'stakeholders' to discuss Outer Battery issues this week.  Around the table will be the OBNA board, reps from city & provincial tourism, Heritage Foundation, some city councillors, Parks Canada, MP & MHA, etc.  The idea is to get this wide group together every so often to talk about issues that affect us and them.  On the agenda will be:
1: Presentation of Jokinen Outer Battery study (Eric Jokinen) 
2: Parking lot expansion information (city) 
3: Future storm surge likelihood, rising sea levels study 
4: PHB viewplane guidelines applied to fishing structures (city) 
5: Restoration of fishing structures - intentions & outlook (obna) 
6: Signage - liability (city, province) 
7: Proposal for Outer Battery Plan (province) 
We'll let you know what happens, and we'll put up Eric Jokinen's study later this week as we get it, on the DOCUMENTS tab of this blogsite.  It's been commissioned by the Province and OBNA, and is a structural study of remaining heritage fishing properties. His preliminary study is already on the DOCUMENTS tab.

Thursday 11 August 2011

Parking lot expansion plans available

We have finally been successful in getting from the city their plans for doubling the size of the parking lot.  They have issued an August 24 tender call to expand out into the waterfront by about 18 feet.  You can see the detailed plan views by going to our DOCUMENTS tab and clicking on them, or directly here.