Monday 30 January 2012

3 principles for City developments on Outer Battery

OBNA wrote the city Jan 18th recommending 3 general principles to be considered for City development initiatives on Outer Battery, and asking that the new parking lot development be remediated accordingly. You can read it on the DOCUMENTS tab or directly here.  Our ward councillor replied: I wish to thank you for sending me a copy of your correspondence and undoubtedly Mr.Barry will be getting back to you in due course. Frank Galgay....Ward 2 Councillor
OBNA will follow up if further response is not forthcoming.

Saturday 28 January 2012

That City Meeeting Feb 15-details

We have noticed this in yesterday's City's Weekly Information List:
The St. John's Municipal Council is holding a public meeting on Wednesday, February 15, 2012, at 7:00 p.m. in the Foran/Greene Room, 4th floor of St. John's City Hall. The purpose is to discuss a draft report of the Battery Development Guidelines Study for Non-Residential Properties.
Several years ago, Council adopted development guidelines for residential properties in the Battery neighbourhood. The new report looks at non-residential properties, including stages and wharves on the waterfront. The report reviews existing properties in the Battery neighbourhood and suggests whether they can be built on, and to what extent, while trying to preserve people's views of the harbour and Southside Hills and ensuring that any new development is in scale and character with existing houses and buildings. (Ward 2)
The recommendations in the report are a draft, and the public meeting is a forum to discuss these recommendations. The meeting will be chaired by a member of Council."

We obtained a copy of this city Guidelines study from Ryan Cleary's office.  It's posted on our DOCUMENTS tab, or go directly here.

Thursday 19 January 2012

Free Dishwasher (see comment)

Wednesday 18 January 2012

Jokinen report still hanging

Eric Jokinen advises that his final report on Outer Battery heritage fishing structures may be ready later this winter.  It's being compiled for the provincial Heritage Foundation at OBNA's instigation, and was expected 6 months ago.

Battery Book - only 40 left!

The initial print run (150 copies) of our OUT TO THE BATTERY book is sold out!  
HOWEVER... there was a print overrun at the printers.  We're arranging to buy those from them: that will be 40 extra copies, and that's all there is.  So if you want one of those, contact Chris (576-0359) , Angie (722-0283), or Joanne (722-4999) before they're gone.
We're looking into the affordability of getting more printed for wider distribution in Spring, if we can.  It seems to be popular.

Viewplane study

The City has not forwarded the PHB Group's Viewplane Study Recommendations to be discussed at their February 15th public meeting.  Fortunately MP Ryan Cleary's office has done so, and it is available now on our DOCUMENTS tab.  Have a look if you're planning to attend the City meeting.  It's at 7pm Feb 15th at City Hall.

Tuesday 17 January 2012

City Meeting re ? (Viewplane regulations)

Ryan Cleary's (MP) office has notified us that: 
 "a report has been released which was prepared by the PHB Architects Group on behalf of the City regarding non-residential properties in the Battery area. This report will be discussed at a public meeting organized by the city onFebruary 15 at City Hall. Representatives from the PHB Architects Group will be present at the meeting to answer questions."
Chris asked Ward Councillor Galgay about this meeting, and he confirms that it is scheduled; the City had neglected to notify Outer Battery residents.  City hasn't sent OBNA a copy of the report, but we think it extends viewplane guidelines to cover fishing premises.