Saturday 19 March 2011

Annual General Meeting

Tuesday April 5th in Pearcey's twinestore, 7pm.  All members please try to be present.
The board will make their report and there will be an election of officers amongst other business.

Demolition orders suspended

Here is the official text of the city council action, emailed to us March 17 by David Blackmore, head of the Building Dept:
"Council considered a request by the Outer Battery Neighbourhood Association that the City place a immediate  moratorium on major construction and  demolition orders in the Outer Battery,  pending completion of the Jokinen inventory study,    the deadline date being set at June 15, 2011.
Council directed that given the safety hazard associated with the Critch Shed properties, Jokinen Associates be asked to proceed with a review of the Critch’s shed property immediately, and that a report be provided within two weeks, following which the properties would be demolished.
With respect to the general request,  Council approved the moratorium on major construction and further demolition pending the completion of the report in July."
We emailed Councillor O'Leary to clarify that it is a moratorium on major city construction, not on house repairs and that kind of construction.
Update on the 2-week period for the Critch structures:  OBNA has commissioned Eric Jokinen to fly down from Quebec next weekend to do the review the city wants in time for the March 31 deadline.
Further update: Jokinen Associates completed a review by Council's 2-week deadline.  They recommended a design to stabilise the structure so renovations could be carried out later, should the owner want to do that.  They consulted with the city Bldg Dept who would accept the stabilisation design if that is the owners desire.

Wednesday 16 March 2011

Half a loaf

Last night city councilor Sheilagh O'Leary went to bat for us and presented our request for a moratorium on major city construction and all demolition orders here until August 31st.  O'Leary is councillor-at-large,  not our official ward councillor.  Councillors met and decided there will be a moratorium until June 15th. (or July, depending on how you read David Blackmore's grammar in the official text, above)  So please everyone affected  take note of this Except the Critch fishing property(s) which were under immediate demolition order will now be suspended for 2-weeks only.  Since the councillors considered all this in their private pre-council public meeting we don't really know all the reasons for this, but understand it is the result of a hard-line position by the Building Dept regarding liability and safety.  The OBNA board disagrees with this exception of a 2-week suspension for Critch's, and we're trying to find a solution before deadine the March 31st.

Monday 14 March 2011

City council votes Tuesday

Councillors will be considering our request for a temporary suspension (until August 31st) of city demolition orders etc against Outer Battery fishing properties at Tuesday's council meeting.  We're hopeful that it's got the support to pass.  If it does, then nobody will be forced to tear down fishery structures for a few months, and this can provide time to consider other possible options.

Thursday 10 March 2011

Information Session March 9

OBNA had an information session yesterday for representatives that have a stake in what happens in Outer Battery.  Present were reps of Siobhan Coady MP, Lorraine Michael (herself), provincial tourism (heritage), city tourism, Parks Canada, city Planning, Building & Engineering departments, Heritage Foundation, and councillors Galgay & O'Leary.  We presented a powerpoint (you can see it on this blog's Documents page.  At the end, everyone agreed that forming a "stakeholders working group" would be a good idea, to meet 3 or 4 times a year.  
We also are asking the City to temporarily suspend its demolition orders, legal action, and major construction at least until after the inventory of heritage fishing structures is carried out (this inventory will happen in April/May)
We can give you the lowdown at the AGM - meanwhile call Angie or Chris if you want to know details.