Tuesday 2 December 2014

Congratulations to Charlie Pearcey, provincial tradition bearer

Okay, so we all know Charlie Pearcey, and the beautiful little red twinestore on Outer Battery that he keeps like a personal inshore fishery museum. Last Wednesday, Charlie was officially recognised as a tradition bearer by the Province. He was honoured as a keeper of inshore fishery knowledge, for the collection of fishery artifacts in the twinestore, and for his efforts to preserve this knowledge and share it with the many visitors he welcomes to his Outer Batterty "museum".  He is one of three provincial tradition bearers currently so honoured.

Please join us in congratulating Charlie - drop in and say so when you see his door open. It is rumoured that there may be a bit of a celebration bash at the twinestore on the 13th of December, so if you happen to be near there that evening you might get a glimpse of the spiffy plaque that they presented to him. Now if he can only find any room to put it on the wall of the place...
Here's the website:
He was a guest on the CBC Fisheries Broadcast on Dec 4th: