Sunday 15 April 2012

OBNA executive positions

OBNA board for 2012 is:
Chair & Treasurer: Angela Drake
Vice-chair: Chris Brookes
Secretary:  Michel Savard
Board members:  Fabien Basset, Keith Sparkes.
Minutes of board meetings posted under the blog tab above.

Wednesday 4 April 2012

3rd AGM report

Thanks to everyone who came to the AGM last night.   There was more than an adequate quorum, and thanks to Joanne's prepared script and materials, things went smoothly.
•  Outgoing board members Joanne Butler and Judy Adler expressed regret they decline to stand for reelection.  Many thanks to them both for all their valuable work in the past year.
• The new board elected for 2012 is:  Michel Savard, Fabien Basset, Keith Sparkes, Angela Drake, Chris Brookes.
• The meeting formally passed the constitutional amendment to include "to preserve and promote our community's heritage" in OBNA's aims - this was approved last year but needed formal AGM passage.  
• There was discussion about OBNA's aim "to preserve the physical fabric of the neighbourhood" and it was generally agreed this should include careful monitoring of any inappropriate neighbourhood developments  (monster houses, etc.)
• Outgoing Treasurer Ange Drake presented OBNA's financial statement.  We have a tiny surplus in the bank account, which will be supplemented during the year by donations, barbeque fund-raiser and book sales.
• Outgoing Chair Chris Brookes gave a rundown of the past year's activity, ongoing parking lot issues, the Narrows Group participation, and OBNA's application for summer student funding 2012 similar to last year. Also that we just received CEDP(provincial govt) funding to cover cost of reprinting 300 copies of Out to the Battery which can be sold to supplement OBNA's income.
The new Board expects to meet within a week to sort out roles for Chair, Treasurer, etc. and we'll post their contacts on this blog when that's settled.
Thanks to Elias for bringing choc-chip cookies, and as always to Charlie Pearcey for the use of his store, warm and cosy despite the pack ice in the harbour.

Monday 2 April 2012


All members please make a special effort to be present - we need a quorum!