Monday 28 November 2011

Parking lot construction this week

Rick Heistinger advises:

Will be pouring concrete in East foundation area Tuesday and Wall West hopefully Thursday.

Monday 21 November 2011

[HERE]SAY project going up Wednesday

Many of you were kind enough this summer to talk to OBNA researchers Annie McEwan and Lisa Wilson, as they recorded your thoughts & memories for an Outer Battery booklet and also for a HereSay project. The booklet is still in the editing phase and should be out before Christmas.  In the meantime, the [HERE]SAY project is launching this week.

Here's the background: [HERE]SAY is a collection of local stories that people can hear over the phone.  It's a project that Dale Jarvis & Chris Brookes originally created along Water Street in 2009.  Now they're adding an Outer Battery extension.  As of today, you'll see some small new signs along Outer Battery Road.  Each sign tells walkers that they can dial a phone number on their cellphone and hear a story about the spot where they’re standing.   The Outer Battery voices currently are Florence Sweetapple, Isabella St. John, Carl & Charlie Pearcey, Jack Wells, Frank Maher, Paul Critch and Jake Nicoll.  You can try it out by dialing 726-9000 and punching codes between 200 and 206.  Or you can check out the website at
There will be a celebratory public launch of the Outer Battery [HERE]SAY on Wednesday November 23rd at the Crows Nest Club (east side War Memorial steps) from 5.30-7.30pm.  Dale & Chris will be introducing the project and raising a toast to everyone whose voices are heard in it.  There'll be some Outer Battery music by Christina Smith and Frank Maher, and maybe others.  Everyone is invited, so please come on Wednesday if you can.  Dale & Chris would love to see you.

Sunday 20 November 2011

Parking lot construction this week

Rick Heistinger, the manager of the HyTek Construction parking lot job, would like residents to be aware of their following schedule for this week Nov 20-25:

Our wish list for this week is as follows.
Monday, may open up another small section of street for culvert, but will not be closing road...this may not happen til Tues, wed or Thurs...fall back scope of work not priority.
Wednesday Morning, pouring middle wall section concrete.
Thursday Morning, Pouring east end foundation.
Friday Morning, Pouring west end walls.
This is approx, and numerous variables may change current plans plus or minus a day.
Thanks for your help and cooperation to all residence in area, we're on the home stretch now.