Friday 3 January 2014

Oh No!  There's a mistake in the Calendar!
A sharp-eyed purchaser has brought to our attention that there's a mistake in the calendar.  If you look at the month of April, you'll notice that the dates are the same as the month of March.  This fact escaped all of us.  We used a computer template to produce the calendar, and assumed it would be accurate.

Please accept our abject apologies.  Even though April often mimics March in st. Johns,  we  honestly didn't intend to play an April Fool's joke on everyone!  As soon as the calendar producer returns from holidays, we will make available on this site a corrected April calendar page with the proper fonts, which can be printed and glued over the existing one. 
Our organization is small, we spend funds on projects like local oral histories and benches for visitors,  and we can't afford to have the calendars reprinted and replaced.  We hope you will bear with us,  and appreciate the calendar as being even more unique.  If you would like to return the calendar for a refund, please contact us  through this site and we'll arrange to meet you. 

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